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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Recipe Organizer

Hi All.......Long time no see.  So much has happened since I wrote last.   My husband has been very ill and just when we thought he was recovered everything went wrong.   He had an aortic aneurism and dissection.    Thank God we both survived this latest episode.  Hopefully he will continue to recover and get back to work and chopping wood and running back and forth upstate.

I haven't been able to craft for weeks and am so excited to share my first project since my last post.
I made this for a shower gift for my nephew's finance.  I heard they are purchasing a wonderful 90 year old home and I think this will look great in their old time refurbished kitchen.

This is the Recipe Organizer

I couldn't put the Tim Holtz feet on the corners that I had planned to keep the box from getting dirty on the bottom because the drawer overlaps the corner so....I came up with the idea to use the bottle caps that you can get anywhere on the bottom of the organizer and they work perfectly.  Just lifted the box enough to keep it clean.  They looked cute on the bottom.

                                  Just a few pictures to show you the Meal Planner

If you lift the lid and place the cherries inside....you have a wonderful rest for the meal planner or whatever recipe you are following.

 This is a picture of the box opened all the way up recipes to the right and Meal Planner on the left

I enjoyed making this.  It certainly was a challenge and I will be posting pictures (soon) of the coupon wallet that will go into the drawer.
Thanks for stopping by...love to hear from you.

* Thank you to Kathy Orta for this design


  1. I love this.. what beautiful paper...it will make such a lovely gift in their new home...xxx Ann Marie

  2. Love the design...so practical and yet so stylish at the same time. Great job!