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Monday, August 27, 2012

Tim Holtz at Queens Ink

I'm back from a long blog vacation.  Missed being part of blog world and aside from a very sore shoulder injury..I am hunting and pecking the keys so I can share the pictures of my fun time taking classes with Tim Holtz at the Queens Ink, in Maryland.

Tim was so much fun...a great teacher and even though there were 100 people there..he stopped by each of us and signed our articles with a joke and a smile for everyone.  We made these crazy  steampunk goodies, learned lots of fun techniques and just had a ball!

  He came around many times checking on our progress and complimenting our work especially if we dared to try something different.

Mario was the unsung hero behind all the work and setup.  He was running all day providing whatever anyone needed.  Kept that smile on all day.


I want to send out a big thank you to my fun and wonderful sister, Betsy.  We had a great time together.  She made me so comfortable I could have stayed and scrapped with her forever.  I wish we had so much more time to share.  Just too many miles separate us.  The only thing that would have made it even greater would be having our sister  Rianne share this fun scrap time with us.

 Thank you to my brother-in-law Bill.  He lugged my suit case, up and down the stairs.  He cooked us a vegetable lasagna with a side of shrimp and tomatoes.  The next night a big family dinner (my nieces and nephew and his finance) with baked chicken, corn on the cob and beets to die for.... fabulous dinners!  Bill served us wine while we relaxed and ended the days with a bowl of ice-cream and fruit. Oh, and we woke up to blueberry waffles one morning and a beautiful omelet the next.  I think I'm planning my next vacation with them.  Betsy, and Bill.......Thank you for everything!

Now off to figure out what to do about this shoulder... Oh the pain!!!!       Until next time.