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Monday, July 1, 2013

Coupon Wallet

Woo Hoo ....Finished another fun project ....I feel like I'm getting back into the groove.

*Coupon Wallet  
To be used alone or with the Recipe Organizer

 I purchased a note pad for a dollar and clipped it inside the wallet organizer to jot down grocery lists

 This is what it looks like without the note pad and notice the coupon holder that is velcro closed on the right side of the organizer

When you fold over the note pad there is a pocket on the left  for special coupons, gift certificates, money whatever you like and another pocket in the center.  You can easily store your pen or pencil in the center area.

 This is a shot of the organizer with the coupon section open.  The flap closes this section and stays closed with velcro.

This is a cute and fun way to organize your shopping list and keep all your coupons together in one place.

Thanks for looking.  Love to hear your comments and hope you'll visit again soon.


*Kathy Orta design

1 comment:

  1. What a cool idea - makes finding coupons so much more organized and pretty!! xxx Ann Marie