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This is a quick tutorial on using your computer to put a sentiment onto your card.

How to make your own sentiment in a card

The first thing is to open word and type in your sentiment...several times and sizes to see which one will work best.  Leave word open so you can print again when label is adhered to copy paper.

Take your die cut  (I ususally cut two) put one behind the sentiment and see exactly where the words fall. 

Carefully place the die cut you want to print on...on top of sentiment  lining up perfectly so sentiment will print exactly where you want it to.

Next, take masking tape and make sure that you take off as much sticky as you can before adhering to diecut on paper.  I just stick it to my pants and pull off several times..  

Place diecut on copy paper and gently adhere the masking tape 

Next you can put the paper into the paper tray in your computer,  head first and  facing down.....

It should print out perfectly centered on your label and if you put the tape on loose it should peel right off and be ready to add to your card.

Thank you for looking.



Floral bouquet
A quick picture tutorial



All you need is a  5 in styrofoam  ball, 
The paper is Lucy from Close to My Heart  My Reflections 12 - 15 pieces
(See me about paper I can get it in bulk)
CTMH liquid glass Z679

Start with 3 1/2 inch flower on page 69 (Art Philosophy Cartridge)

Start to roll from the outside

When you get to end put glue in center and let flower loose and set  gently into glue

fold down edges of outer petals stick a peal headed pin into the center

I cut a 2 1/2 leaf (page 56 Art Philosophy Cartridge)

Just start putting flowers in in a row around ball until it is full.
make sure you add ribbon to hold or hang and place the flowers on top of ribbon to secure
I stuck in a few leaves with a few little drops of liquid glass on them to look like dew drops




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